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Full traceability for all coffee is something that's coming to all markets. It is a necessary and inevetable evolution of current business requirements for food security and certification in light of emerging technology.

Coffees from producers using the FincaLab Quality and Process control system have been fully traceable since 2006!

FincaLab; traceablilty provides detailed information about coffee origin, quality, and certification through labels with barcodes that are sewn into serial numbered bags.

Enter the barcode number of your coffee:    
                    example: SCM9901002

Click Here to learn more about FincaLab generated labels with their extended ICO marks.

Click Here to learn more the FincaLab; quality assurance system.

If you would like to use our tracking system or if your company has a tracking system that you would like to access with a link from this page, please contact:

James Kosalos
President, San Cristobal Coffee Importers